French property finders

What is a French property finder?

A French property finder is a real estate specialist who exclusively works for and protects the interests of a buyer wishing to purchase a property in France. Depending on his status and the missions he chooses, he can either only undertake the search until he finds the ideal property for the buyer or offer additional support, including the French property buying process, the negotiation of the price of the transaction all the way to the signature of the deed of sale at the Notaire.

In our case, you can entrust us with the complete realisation of your project. We only work on behalf of foreign buyers with a project to find and buy a property anywhere in France. In addition, we protect your interests against the real estate agent who will only defend those of the seller.

Contrary to popular belief, few real estate agents in France care about buyers’ interests. Indeed, they sign a sales mandate with the sellers and are paid on a percentage of the sale price (between 5 and 10%). They are obviously not interested in allowing buyers to buy at a lower price than requested by the seller since their commission would be negatively impacted.

Let’s now focus on the advantages of working with a French property finder when you want to find and buy a property in France, and how it works.

Benefits of working with a French property finder

Access to all properties of the French market

We know where to look and we know what search channels to use depending on the type of project to be carried out. While most foreigners wanting to find a property in France often spend most of their time searching properties on online real estate portals, we explore channels that only experts can access, including properties available directly from Notaires. So, as French property finders, we give you access to 100% of the real estate offer likely to meet your needs.

Time saving

Looking for and finding a property in France takes a lot of time, even more so when you are a foreigner and therefore not geographically local. In addition, foreign buyers are faced with a major problem, namely the repetition of trips to France to visit properties. Collaborating with us enables you a huge time saving while reaching the property you have in mind with no efforts!

Financial gain

As the saying goes, “time is money”! And this saying is even more valid in the case of a non-resident wishing to find a property in France. In addition to unnecessarily eating up your valuable free time, these inefficient trips make you spend a lot of money for nothing. This spending is easily avoided when you choose to collaborate with French Property Connection.

So, deciding to use our assistance and our French property finder skills during your property search will allow you to have a wider selection of properties to match your project, optimise your time and make considerable savings.

Obtain a better price

We speak French and we are experts in French real estate. It is therefore logical that we take charge of negotiations on your behalf to make this step the most beneficial step for you. By acting on the pressure levers that we detail in our article dedicated to negotiating real estate in France, we obtain in the great majority of cases a significant reduction in the price of the transaction.

Follow the French laws to the letter

A French property finder must be an expert on the French property purchase process and its regular updates. With us, you are sure to be following French law from the preparation of your offer to purchase up to the signing of the deed of sale at the Notaire. To not be suitably advised when buy you a property in France can make you to make mistakes that have far-reaching financial consequences.

Be in contact with a Notaire who speaks your language

As French property finder exclusively working on behalf of foreign buyers, our network quickly evolved to work with Notaires speaking languages other than French and English. So, depending on your country of origin, we can put you in touch with a Notaire who speaks your language, which is always more effective to avoid misunderstandings and to be sure to receive clear answers to your legal queries.

Translation of all documents prepared in French

All documents will be logically established in French. To clearly understand the meaning of these documents and your commitments, we translate them into your native language. All this to avoid any misunderstanding and to allow you to sign these documents with complete peace of mind.

The search agreement with a French property finder

The search agreement is the document that allows you to confidently and securely confirm your search criteria to us. This document is compulsory: signed by both parties, it details the mutual obligations, the remuneration of the property finder, the scope of the search, the maximum budget of the property sought, and the exclusivity (or not) of the search. This document is compulsory under French law – The Hoguet Law from 2 January 1970, which regulates real estate activities when the property finder takes over the negotiations and assists during the transaction.

So, without this document, no French property finder has the right to make representations on behalf of a buyer in France wishing to buy a property. There are two types of agreements, simple and exclusive:

The simple or non-exclusive agreement allows the buyer to continue to search for a property personally or through other property finders also commissioned via a similar simple search agreement.

The exclusive agreement does not allow the buyer to search for a property either personally or through other property finders for the entire duration of the exclusive agreement. This agreement clearly defines for both parties the quality of the services that the buyer is expected to receive from the property finder.

Various information is to be inserted in this document linking buyer and professional to make it valid. Here they are in detail:

– The duration: generally, the length is 6 months, renewable up to 12 months.

– Specify whether the search agreement is simple or exclusive: this will have an impact on the scope of the search and the fees of the property finder.

– The specification of the search: the client’s wishes, the scope and the location(s) of the search.

– The maximum budget of the buyer: the property finder can act as an advisor to determine the maximum budget. He can in particular help the buyer assess the true overall cost of buying a property and ensure that the buyer can maintain his lifestyle.

– The obligations of both parties: for example, the buyer may not directly buy a property that the property finder introduced to him for a year from the date of signature of the search agreement. Likewise, the obligations of due care of the French property finder would be detailed in the document.

– The fees of the property finder: the fees of the French property finder are generally calculated based on a percentage of the cost de la transaction. We chose not to offer you this payment option but to offer you the choice between two much more advantageous options! In any case, the exact amount of the remuneration of the property finder will appear in the document signed by both parties.

– The details of the principal (the buyer) and the agent (property finder).

– Dates and signatures of the 2 parties.


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