Don't fall into the seller's traps - get legal advice

The estate agent only works for the seller, so you need help to protect your interests. We provide guidance throughout the French buying process, make sure the property you found is flawless with our property surveys report, and give you legal advice to ensure you sign a buyer friendly contract.

Protect your interests as a non-resident

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Why the agent is not on your side

Only protects the seller's interests

Bear in mind the agent only protects the seller as paid by the latter through a sale success fee. 

Doesn't disclose the property flaws

Flaws highlighted in property surveys won’t be reviewed with you for fear of a no-sale.

Has no interest reducing the property price

He gets paid on a percentage of the final price, so his commission would be therefore negatively impacted.

Inserts clauses against you in the contract

He legally only protects the seller by inserting clauses in the sales contract exclusively in his favour.

Doesn't explain your commitments

He won’t take time to explain your commitments at each stage of the process when signing.

Doesn't explain your rights of withdrawal

For fear of seeing you backtrack and therefore not getting paid through the sale success fee.

Get peace of mind with our legal support

Know the property condition

We review and then make a report of property surveys in order for you to ensure the property you have found is defect-free.

Protect your interests

We fully protect your interests throughout the different steps of the whole legal process that applies in France. 

Get legal advice by bilingual lawyer

We provide professional legal advice on different matters: cross-border taxes, inheritance, wills, capital gain taxes.

Get legal translations

We translate all the legal documents into your mother tongue to ensure you have a full understanding before signing and committing.

Step by step throughout the legal process

Step 1, Property surveys

We collect the different property surveys from the seller and check their legal validity. We then make a deep study of them and provide you with a report in order for you to know more about the condition of the property you have found.

Step 2, Written offer to buy

If you are fully satisfied with the condition of the property, we draw up with you a written offer to purchase taking care to insert all the required information to make it legal.

Step 3, Sales contract

Initially drawn up by the agent and therefore protecting only the seller’s interests, we negotiate the clauses inserted in this important document in order to protect your interests.

Step 4, Mortgage research (optional)

If you require a mortgage to complete the transaction, we support you by putting you in touch with our banking partner establishments and brokers in France.

Step 5, deed of sale

We organise the meeting at the Notary’s office in order to sign the deed of sale, legally marking the transfer of ownership between the seller and you.

Even more

Explaining your commitments and rights of withdrawals at each stage of the process/ Support for overseas money transfer/ Support post deed of sale in case of dispute

Meet Benjamin, your dedicated bilingual lawyer


French property solicitor for 25 years, my role through your purchase is to negotiate the clauses inserted by the agent in the sales contract in order to maximise the protection of your interests. Also, I provide you with the necessary legal advice on the following matters: cross-border taxes, wills, inheritance, capital gain taxes and any other legal matters you may have. Moreover, I ensure that all the documents provided by the agent have legal value and assist you post deed of sale in the event of any future dispute with the seller.

Maître Benjamin K.

Don’t take our words for it

French Property Connection was a great support in helping me complete the legal side of my purchase in France. The legal advice provided at each stage of the process as well as documents translations enabled me to slowly move forward with confidence. I would never have expected a process that different from the one that applies in the UK and would have definitely been stuck without any help. Very much recommended to any non-resident looking for ownership in France!

Steven, UK

March 2020