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> Don’t search, just find!
> Tailored search, shortlist, property surveys reports & your viewings organised
> Full legal support throughout the buying process
> Legal documents translations

Property finders in France

We solve the problems commonly faced by foreign buyers

Property search


Limited access to the market searching only online

Searching only online limits to 40% of the market & properties displayed online tend to be properties French people don’t buy because defective or overpriced.


Properties flaws hidden in property surveys

Property surveys identify any issue (asbestos, lead, termites) to a prospective buyer. They are drafted in French and sellers won’t review these documents with you by fear of a no sale.


Lack of information displayed on online ads

Online ads don’t provide you with enough information to ascertain whether a property matches all your requirements and really is suitable.

Legal side


Estate agents are not on your side

They work for the seller and only protect their interests as higher the property price, higher the agent’s commission which the seller makes you pay!


Language barrier & legal documents

There are huge risks in signing complex legal documents which have an impact on succession and capital gain taxes when you don’t speak French fluently.


Set up the best purchase structure

Sellers use the basic purchase structure when drafting the sales contract while an other legal framework may be more beneficial for you.

Our full support includes


Get access to 100% of the market

We explore all the search avenues to offer you a wider choice of matching properties.

Get a shortlist with detailed portfolios & property surveys reports

We draw up a shortlist which match your criteria and provide you with detailed portfolios which include a complete property surveys report to ensure about the property condition.

Your viewings in France fully organised

We organise your trip and stay and make the necessary appointments with sellers for you to visit the properties you like the most.


Reduce the seller's asking price

We’re able to significantly reduce the seller’s asking price and going around any 5-10% agency fee.

Protect your legal interests

Our bilingual legal team protects your interests throughout the buying process by setting up the best purchase structure & ensures you don’t sign any unfavourable legal documents because of the language barrier.

Get your property running

We set up the necessary utilities contracts for you to make the property running.

Online is not the right place to find a property in France


Limited choice

Only approx. 40% of the available properties eventually appear online. You’re missing out on more than half of the properties that are available.

Defective properties

Sellers often use online services as a last resort for properties that local buyers turned down because they are overpriced or have bad property surveys.

Overpriced properties

French sellers target foreign buyers online as they are aware that this is their preferred/only mean of searching and therefore don’t hesitate to overprice their properties.

Out-of-date ads

Some sellers forget to remove their ads after sale which makes it difficult to reach up-to-date offers.

Misleading pictures

Pictures are often low in quality, deceptive or even missing which prevents you from accurately projecting yourself.

Lack of information

Only the bare minimum information is provided online making it difficult for you evaluate whether a property is actually suitable.

Just get in the plane, we do the rest

1- Local property search

We find properties for sale that perfectly match your requirements.

2- Get your shortlist

Discover our selection from your living room thanks to our detailed portfolios.


3- Visit your selection

Select the properties you like the most and travel to visit them (we organise everything).

4- Legal support

One of our bilingual French property lawyers takes care of the legal side of your purchase.

Just travel & visit. We do the rest

They didn't have to waste time searching to find their holiday home in France

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t find exactly what I wanted and anxious with the idea of buying a property in a foreign country. I’m very grateful for the time they spent looking for the perfect place for me to buy a villa.

I had a dedicated property finder who offered me many perfect villas for sale. Their French lawyer helped me with set up the right legal purchase structure. He also explained the tax implications of my purchase.

With hindsight, I don’t think I would have been able to set up this project on my own – I did not realise the extent of the things to consider before buying until I actually went through the process.

Louise, UK

October 2020