Travel, visit and pick!

> Get more choice. Discover the best value for money properties not advertised online

> Save time. We search locally for you. Get your personalised shortlist and your viewings organised

> Leave aside defective properties. Unbiased property surveys to ensure the condition (asbestos, termites, etc)

> Avoid language barrier issues. Get legal documents translations

> Get legal protection (agents work for sellers). Set up the right purchase structure & sign buyer friendly legal documents

As I was very busy, it was really helpful to have all my viewings organised to see amazing properties I’d have never found on my own & to know I was signing legal documents protecting my interests.

Louise, UK

It was the perfect solution for us as searching remotely was really time consuming & we knew a lot of foreign buyers got trapped by agents, buying bad condition & overpriced properties.

Emma & Stephen, UK

French property finders

Just get in the plane, we do the rest

1- Property search

We find properties for sale locally that perfectly match your requirements.

2- Get your shortlist

Discover our selection from your living room thanks to our detailed portfolios.


3- Pick the best & visit

Select the properties you like the most and travel to visit them. We organise everything.

4- Legal support

We take the lead on the legal side of your purchase in order to protect your interests.

Get detailed portfolios to make your selection

With our all-in-one package you:


Avoid the pitfalls faced by foreign buyers & make your project hassle-free


Get more property choice matching your requirements


Do not waste time searching to see unsuitable properties


Do not buy a property with hidden defects

Buy at a better price and leave aside overpriced properties

Protect your legal interests as a non-resident

Don’t search, just find!

Our support also includes optional features


Mortgage support

Utilities contracts setup

Property insurance setup

Seasonal rentals advice

They chose us as French property finders

French Property Connection are really knowledgeable about the local property market and extremely efficient.

Not only do they take the stress out of property hunting but visiting the houses selected for us was really enjoyable. The support throughout the buying process was also priceless and enabled us to have a full understanding of all French legal documents before signing.

Elizabeth & John, UK

We were particularly impressed with the wide range of great properties French Property Connection found for us.

This was exactly what we wanted; the possibility to see nice properties put on sale locally which were not advertised online.

As we were a bit worried about buying a property abroad, their legal support was also very important to us. This was really reassuring especially when signing legal documents drafted in French.

Stefan & Anneke, Netherlands

Don’t search, just find!